Tips for Designing a Great Website

Perhaps the greatest demand for a graphic designer is to create a fantastic, cohesive, professional website that aptly reflects the brand. In fact, if you hone your skills of web-designing, you can work with nearly every business out there because, undoubtedly, in today’s business world everyone needs a website designer initially. However, before you design for other clients, you first need to design your own brand and website. Unfortunately, even graphic designers who possess an aptitude for brightening photos or adding depth to a picture fall short when it comes to designing their own website. Here are some tips that may help you improve your website:

Work ruthlessly on your logo:

No brand is complete without a streamlined logo. Your personal brand, whether you own a graphic design company or work freelance, is pivotal. In a great website, the personal logo usually sits at the top left. The logo should be linked to the home page.

Create a catchy tagline:

A visitor to your site will read the tagline to get a better idea of who you are, aside from the graphics. Write, simply, what service you can provide in the tagline. Your tagline could be something as simple as “Hello there. I am ____. I design awesome stuff for great brands.”


Testimonials are a great way to have someone else do the bragging for you. Quote a happy client to gain some credibility.

Always have an “About Me” tab

Sometimes, a client wants a better idea of who you are as a person. Indulge their curiosity. Where are you from? How many years have you been in the business? Don’t hesitate to put a picture of yourself in your About Me to assign a face to a name for your potential client.

If you follow these tips, you redesign your own website in a way that attracts more prospective clientele. Who knows? The business could come rollin’ in.

About the author
Ryan is a guest post blogger with the Blog Content Guild who specializes in branding, with a commitment to design. When he’s not writing up a storm you can find him relentlessly searching for a new HP coupon code.


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