Show me a poor and I’ll show you how poorly he treats his time.


Once a food chain accounced $6 worth of chicken free in exchange for an internet coupon. Later, there was a rush in front of their outlets. A bunch of people seeking for that FREE chicken was stood up in lines for hours. This experiment named as chicken bucket experiment.

Have you ever wondered what is the mentality of kind of people standing in line in front of those stores? They all treat their time as that has value, zero.

You can see this thought pattern in all people living mediocrity life. They never respect their time. Time-to-money ratio doesn’t have any worth in front of them.

There are a number of minds searching free resources, digital assets, site templates, online tutorials all over the internet just to collect them. Hours spent on those searching costs them even more than their original costs.

This mentality, perspective, and belief system lead to another workaholic and mediocrity disease, job slavery. Don’t ever listened about that? Let me explain.

One of my friends spends money on lavish and expensive items and just to pay for those items later he goes to work more hours. Buys expensive and nonnecessary items again and works, even more, to pay back to those items and the cycle continues. This is called job slavery.

One good habit of really smart people is they spend less than of their real worth. In effect, they have to work less in order to pay back. In other words, they live a life much lower than their real status level. In effect, they actually buy free time which is actually the most important asset of life. Amazon best-seller millionaire next door describes that reality in greater detail.

The day before yesterday, I was reading Quora while one of the questions got my attention, titled ‘Do you know someone who is a millionaire and doesn’t show anybody’. The answer was amazing and inspiring enough. That explained how really rich people come out of job slavery and spend less than their real worth. That guy had a net worth of $15 million. He was wearing simple jeans and a T-shirt and had a 4 seater, Porsche. Both pictures were taken by his own camera. Only two to three people were actually aware of his real worth.

Some days ago I hired guy online to do a video work which I could do even myself. What would you do if you were in my shoes? Was I dumb? Have I wasted money? I simply bought free hours by buying his work hours. This is an actual example how businesses and rich-minded people do. They hire more smart guys than them, instead of doing everything in their life themselves.

You are the best person who can treat and teach your children. Will you do that in actual? Or you ask them to go to school? Obviously, a school would be the better choice. It saves you time and that time will become money when you invest in your own activities.

If you want to know a real genius inside a body. Don’t ask them about their job, lifestyle, residential area formal education. Simply ask them ‘What do you do in free time’. That innocent question will reveal the real man and you can definitely predict the future of that person.

Show me a poor and I’ll show you how poorly he treats his time.

If you have to buy an SSD worth $100, you have two options. Either to go market and buy in $100 or order on phone and pay an additional $5 for that. ‘Going to market’ option itself have invisible cost included inside. Count on fuel, add parking charges, think about the time invested. On top of that, estimate your time invested in terms of money. So if you go to the market and invest 2 hours committing and your per hour income is $5 then it costs you 5×2+100=$110. Yup, with an extra burden of fuel and parking charges. What your smart decision would be?

From successful to dumb persons, everybody has the same amount of time per day. How you spend makes the real difference. Chatting with friends, watching TV for nonsense emotional dramas, surfing youtube for Americal Idol, scrolling facebook mindlessly for hours are activities as options. That will make you dumb. On the other side, that same time can be used to invest in your mind, reading books from great authors, thinking how can you impact the society positively and producing great content. This is what kind of personality you want to be, successful or dumb?

If you are kind of person who seeks leisure time to enjoy with nonsense activities. I suspect in the kind of personality you are going to become.

Years ago I read this statement somewhere ‘Genuis become a genius in times when ordinary enjoys leisure’.


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