Education starts after University


There is a good difference between formal education and self-education. Both represent a perspective and mentality, both need two different belief system, they part people into different categories. Formal education is what we get outside in, self-education is what we get inside out.

From different forums and social media, I receive messages from well-educated graduate people asking me to guide them about their careers and what work should they do in the life to become a successful person. sometimes I wonder their mentality, I wonder what that University or college has given to them? No confidence, No vision, No goals?

If you are not a comedian, actor, athlete, pro-footballer or don’t have some good physical skills. Your path should be to learn non-physical, mind related activities first. Here I would point out practice makes perfect

You can’t become a good chef by only reading cooking books. You must have to practice, invest time in applying those concepts.

Read books, blogs, and articles regularly with a burning passion of deliberately practicing that. From there, you have to practice every bunch of advice.

If you go to Quora scrolling mindlessly answers and answers and don’t practice them in your real life you won’t be anywhere.

The majority of the people forget a good amount of information in only one day, what did they read yesterday. Only 10 to 30% of information remains in our minds. So what’s the best practice would be? Read to learn and remember by practicing. Start practice for at least 7 days as after reading some content.

At this stage, I would highly recommend the place where do you buy books from. It’s Amazon Kindle. There are a lot of reasons to buy from them. First of all, there is a big community around there which recommends the book after reading. So you can read reviews before even purchasing. Check what book has very good reviews in eyes of the society. That will help you imagining an overall idea about the book. On top of that, you can read some random pages and see the content.

If you are using some smart device, you can download your books in an application named Kindle which is easily available for your desktop, Android, and iPhone devices. Using this strategy, you’ll have your book wherever you go. If you are waiting for someone, in the line of some long row, or doing some relaxation in a park, you can take out your smart device and start reading. You don’t have to take your physical version everywhere.

This application has bookmarks system, highlighting functionality, and awesome Cloud syncing. So for example, if you are on page number 143 of a particular book on your Android and close the application and open your PC version you will be on 143 page automatically. Also, this digital asset is saved forever.
The best investment you can do is on yourself.

Another place to learn things would be to join seminars. Make sure those seminars and events are for education purposes and not for money making purposes by some so called professional guru who speaks on every topic.

How to know either some seminar worth attending? Is it bad or good? Check pricing first. That should not be too high. Also not too low. Why? Here it is.

Some weeks ago, I saw an online advertisement that had a huge fee with title ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’. I was wondering why people go to this type of Seminars while the book even from the original author of ‘Blue Ocean strategy’ is available on Amazon at a fraction of the cost. Why they join even with that high fee seminars?

Those people need everything in a hurry. They don’t want to invest their mind in the processes. Stories, over-night success, get-rich-quick events are what they are really interested in. They don’t want to listen how a successful person became successful. They just love to listen to stories Reading a book is kind of process and joining the seminar is kind of event. Love processes behind the events. Get out of mediocrity thought pattern.

Another sign to refrain from a particular seminar is free or really cheap priced one. These often lead to upsell and inject you information that forces you to buy some another big product.

A week ago, I was attending independently organized TED event in my city. That event was very inexpensive and I was wondering TED normally charge a high free for their events.

Some of the big talks there was actually a self-promotion infomercial from some big NGOs of the country.

Another thing you should make sure is, that seminar lectured by some actual practitioner. Not by a professional self-called guru who speaks on every topic the organizer has handled him.

Again your perspective and believe system will make the difference here even after education. If you are getting an education, reading books and attending seminars with consumer mentality you will be working IN THE SYSTEM. You will see everything from the eyes of the consumer, you will try to increase your per-hour value by attending that seminar. Again will lead you to mediocrity life and job slavery.

If you get the education with producer mentality you really get a different perspective. You will work ON THE SYSTEM after getting that education

Your perspective and belief system work everywhere. Let me give you a real definition of genius. They are the the life-long learner. They take the time to read books.

I have subscribed to gates-notes which is a note-taking and book-reviewing blog from Bill Gates. He has a habit of reading big minds consistently. If Bill Gates do that regularly. Where are you and me? You know why does he do that?

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”
― Isaac Asimov


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