Come out of mediocrity


Over time, you start to learn a lot of things and add skills to your personality with no specific reason and get bored. At the same time, you get some opportunity to apply those skills and get a reward. Before receiving that opportunity, a number of people get frustrated and they feel there is no reason to learn that enough. A rare quantity pass that time and win. This is the borden-driven approach to life.

Sometimes, you take challenges higher than your skills. You try to complete that challenge and fail. No results. Again get frustration. Never get back on track again. Challenge-driven approach, you can name it.

In between both of them, there is a sweet point called ‘flow’. That flow says you should take challenges little bit higher than of your skills and try to improve yourself while working on the challenge. This only approach makes the life interesting, colorful and happy. You can find examples of this approach from your past. You simply don’t know the name of it. You used it many times before.

Once one of my expected clients asked me ‘Can you do heuristic evaluation?’ I replied ‘Yes! I can do that’. While I never did that before. They accepted me as their contractor. I started, completed, delivered, client satisfied, wrote me 5-star feedback, and the client got repeated. I learned a lot, happier with the learning curve and bucks I got.

This is the challenge-driven approach to life. That makes life interesting, learning and happy. Getting bored? Seeking for interesting ways? Try this once. Never wrote a story? Take a pen; start to write; see the motivation coming out of you. Something else? OK. Go out try to talk with some stranger, for no specific reason. Get out of your comfort zone.

In the meanwhile, you will start to feel some colors are automatically filling in the blank canvas of your life. You will get smarter day by day. Those days will change in months and years. When you will see back after years to this point where you started to implement that simple technique. You will thank the day you started. The goal is to become somewhat better before yesterday. The mission is to not remain the same person even a single day. This is how motivation works. This is what differentiates average people from smart one. This the first step to come out of mediocrity. Don’t believe me? Try once.

I personally tried it many times. The story shared above was one of the examples of that simple technique. Trust me, you will change, and get the reward. My client got repeated once more.

Their name was Stanford University.

Most fun part of the story was, I even never heard the word ‘heuristic evaluation’ before accepting the project.


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