Why to think how Quora and facebook founders think…


When an innovation allows everyone to use that innovation and letting them start to make profits, without any monetary costs, is called social innovation in my perspective.

Why take that social innovation path? Here are some good reasons.

You will feel good as a changemaker. That allow you to make passive income in terms of subscription and ad fee. Progressive development? Yes, that is another part of that. i.e. you can work on your innovation/idea for next 10 years and develop and develop it’s features more and more.

Recognition will be on your feet. Passive income will allow you to enjoy earning even when you are not working, allow you to visit countries, socializing more, investing time in activities that interest you more.

People will respect you more. As you will allow people them to improve their lives, you will become a big inspiration for all of them.

A big community will talk about you. People will praise you and you will get motivated. They see themselves as their future self. Whenever someone gets the praise he gets motivated.

Passive income in another part, that will take care of fixed monthly expenses. Your time will be free, to be used in more purpose oriented life. Poor remains poor because he remains in the routine to fulfill his basic needs and fixed expenses. Your free time will be used in thinking more and do interesting activities.

People are in need to improve their lives. They are seeking for ways. They will use the system you will make. At some time in past, you were at their level. You struggled without enough resources and done that. They will get inspired by the way you did. you have done much hard work in making that system that will teach you to respect your time and use it efficiently.

Whatever you do or whatever you are. Think about apps, portals, massive delivery of the services you do. If you are a teacher, instead of teaching 20-200 people in a class and wasting your life to teach that one subject every year. Think of delivering that education to even 20,000-200,000 people. That will be back you in bulk.

Think about systems instead of customized services everytime. They are doing that. You are using that. See all big companies and learn how are they behaving? Have you ever noticed why every other entrepreneur thinks about apps, portals, subscription based services? They are using you because they know the impact of their innovation/idea on society and how they will get paid back.

Whatever you start to think. Try to make your idea with some socialization included in. That will pay you back. This is the internet economy.

Think about social innovation.


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