Education is another thing, schooling is another.


Lack of education is becoming more of a problem that is ruining the system in every era of life. Neither there are good organizations to work on that nor people interested.

People themselves confuse with the difference between education and schooling. They think education and schooling are same. While there is no direct correlation between both of them. Also, people don’t have any good reason to get educated and convince themselves why should they get educated. On top of that, there is no career counseling system that can motivate people and guide them.

On the other hand, lack of career counseling becomes the main reason why people don’t get motivated towards education, so they don’t have any vision, goals, or mission in their life. People neither feel there is some need to get career counseling nor organizations are doing that, thanks to no monetary reward in this area.

Because of marketing tactics by schools and due to global social confusion regarding schooling and education itself, people are getting confused. They feel the school is a must for education. The fact is that, one can also get the education by reading books himself or using online tools like coursera / futurelearn / edx / udacity. None of them is school.

Tools mentioned above based on massive online open courses (MOOC) that make them money only if you purchase certificate. Also, they do it free because their name gets recognized in front of hundred of thousands of audience, in free.

Schools are money-making machines and corporate business. They are the best example of subscription-based services where you get a client one time and get rewards even more than 5 years.

They market themselves good enough, to get their money stream revolving. Besides that, people think they have to pay in order to get an education, and this is the main confusing point. Tools mentioned above are almost free and even have world class level of education which local schools even not able to provide.

Without marketing, they won’t be able to make that passive income, so they make an illusion to the society that schooling is a must.

Since every hole in the system and social necessity creates an opportunity for a business to appear and resolve that issue, schools are doing that well enough. Subscription based services are an example of crowd sourcing where an individual paying you don’t feel he is paying much. That small money collected with hundreds of individual becomes a large amount and makes them a millionaire.

I will call all above a ‘wicked’ problem. There is no one reason or cause of the problem I mentioned in the first para. On top of that, there is no fixed solution available. Also, every cause leading to that specific problem denotes another hidden problem that has to be thought about by think-tanks.

Unfortunately, they are sleeping. I’m talking about the parents here.


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