Your clients ignore you because you ignore them first.


In upwork, that is client interface. I know, most of you have not seen that before. Can you think why should I click or not click on his profile while I receive 86 proposals of good talents? Here are some key points:

1) These guys see your hourly rates.
2) How many hours of work you did.
3) What’s your job success rate?
4) Where are you from? Yes, that counts. This represents the personality traits.
5) One important thing on which I decided to write on, today. Cover letter.

Client receive hundreds of letters starting with ‘I’m senior developer’, ‘I’m top level account’, ‘I’m most demanded shit….’.
Guys BE DIFFERENT. Try to DIRECTLY response to the job description. Nobody wants to know how senior you are. Just be concise, relevant and direct. Use the keywords client used in his job description.

What if I ask you ‘Hey! can you go hiking with me’, and you start ‘I’m an expert level of hiker and I’m doing hiking past 7 years. I did it with some big celebrities…….’

Hey! stop this bullshit. Tell me ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Write relevant, get a project. It’s that simple.


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