What they don’t tell you

After all, all big businessmen, successful celebrities, wealthy giant, and entrepreneurs have this one thing in common. By birth, they have been given this fortune gifted by the universe. In very rare cases, people even dare to realize that they even need it. Nobody tells us. Why the hell should they do?

Have you ever thought why some businesses are called ‘their family business’? What special do they have? Again, let me remind you. This one common thing in all of them.

Mentors, what they all have in common. If you are new to business life, a child in entrepreneurship way, innocent in tactics. Go, find a mentor. That would the most necessary step in your success. A person, who has achieved what you want to achieve, in the industry you fall in.

Check in conferences, join groups, get registered in events. Find every way possible where you find a mentor. Imagine, you have a good investment, brilliant business idea, a lot of knowledge, genius co-founder, and good target market. There are still chances you go fail or don’t leverage your potential because you don’t know the ways a mentor does. Meet them, greet them, invest on them. That will pay back. Even with one tiny advice, small idea modification, not-to-consider marketing strategy hint, given by mentor may change your whole income scenario.

All big names here in the industry even warren buffet have their mentors. Find, call, and gift them and catch their attention. They were here in your shoes someday. They felt before what you feel today. Don’t get fear. These guys are eager to help more than you imagine. Call them, offer dinner, even a cup of tea to have their time.

If have $100 to invest somewhere and ask me ‘Naveed! What one advice will you give me with that money’, I would reply.
Invest in the mentor.


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