Please don’t read this if you wan’t to be poor all the life.


Still with a hand-to-mouth situation even after years of earning? Do you spend all what you get? Nobody told you what to do? How to save? Where to invest? … hmm, You are not alone. The majority of our society also has the same problem. You’ve to educate yourself in the field of personal financial management.

If somebody is an expert in his field, comes to you and say ‘Hi! I’m expert at that and can earn profit but don’t have money. Do you guys can invest in my idea. Here is the proofs that I had done that before with good earnings and investors got the big amount. Your money is safe and I’m liable to that.’ Will you invest in that idea? What would you do? Investment.. awesome.

Money invested in his idea is ‘fund’ and since a lot of guys like you are going to invest there, that is called ‘fund’, simply ‘mutual fund’. What the hell is that? Let me tell you.

If you invest 1000 monthly for next 20 years, you should get 1000x20x12=240,000. Am I right? No… Income from that investment isn’t included there. Let say it is around 20% per annum. That amount should go then 30,000,000. I know that is somewhat unbelievable. The magic of compounding somehow makes that huge difference. Convinced to invest at least 10% of your monthly income for a long time? Ok, read on…

The guy came to you to ask for investment was ‘investment advisor’, you are the ‘investor’, the company sent advisor is ‘asset management company’, the fund you invest in called ‘mutual fund’.

Google out any company in your city and talk with their online support and ask as many questions as possible, research online on sites like mufap or Bloomberg talk on forums and when you are loaded with information invest somewhere. That’s all.

Cost? hmmm…. When you first invest in any company. They charge you some amount 1.5%-3% on your total investment (depending on the company), that charge is called ‘front-end-load’. This is one-time cost only. That will reduce your initial investment amount obviously. Let say you invested 100,000 and front end load was 3% then your initial investment will be 97,000 thanks to 3% front-end-load. Makes sense?

You can force your advisor to give you 50% exemption in front-end-load. They are in charge and even can exempt in full. Again depends on the company, their assets, and past performance. I get 50% exemption from my advisor every time. You should start with a request for full exemption. He will himself offer 50%. That’s the negotiation rule. Apply that when you purchase anything from the market.

In addition to that, that company will charge you management load which is around 5% of the total investment, per annum. That will be applied at year end. So if at the end of the year that the company pays you 25% then 5% will be deducted and remaining will be 20%. This is still a big amount. Don’t be curious.

I’m not going to recommend anyone. I will recommend doing your own research as I don’t want to be looked as suspicious marketing guy of anyone giving you infotisement (advertise included in information).

Usually, banks operate those asset management companies in the country I live. You don’t have to open an account in bank related to that asset company. i.e If bank X operates company X. You don’t have to open an account in bank X. Simply call that company X and they will open your FUND ACCOUNT in their company, that won’t be related to bank X. Anyhow you at least have to have an account in ANY BANK.

What do these companies do after taking my money? Awesome question man. You are the genius. They invest in stock market, purchase high-performing stock and sell them. That is their job. This is how they earn the profit.

So why shouldn’t I invest in stock market myself? The wonderful question again. Lie down here. Let me massage you gently on your back. This all the game of time and expertise. They taking only 2% in front-end-load and 3%-5% as management-load which is in actual their operating expense of office rent, electricity, employee salary, furniture, computers etc. These guys are the expert there, they are certified, sometimes chartered accountant, they invest time in analyzing stock exchange every day. Will you do all these? Leave your job. Start your own company.

But it seems it’s not halal and shariah compliant as interest factor is included there? Oooohhhhhh….. This requires many details. Let me clear you everything. Do you have energy remaining? Do some push ups, take a glass of water, come back and read from next paragraph…


All the economies exist on this planet called earth are running based on their big companies. They are liable for GDP and somehow contribute to per-capita income.

The majority of them are listed on stock exchanges of their countries. They must have to take a loan in order to run company and give interest. Also, they give the loan to other companies and get interest. What they earn from interest and what they pay is all written in their financial statements like balance sheets, income statements, and others. Those financial statements are publicly opened because they are public limited companies and they are listed in stock exchange companies. On top of that they do their audits from independent chartered accountants.

What does that mean actually?

We can calculate how much PERCENTAGE OF INTEREST present in their NET INCOME. So if I tell you I’ve used your money and got a profit of 100,000 which includes 30% income from interest. What am I going to do is give that 30% to some charity like hospital or cause like cancer research and you will get 70,000 which is 100% halal and shariah compliant profit. Here is the proof with documents that I actually have given that 30% of them and here are the documents and financial reports that depicting this 100,000 had not included interest more than 30%. Here are independent chartered account analysis reports as well. Would you agree? Awesome..

If the above model works for you than this the exact model shariah compliant mutual fund industry is doing as per best of my research. Do your own if you can’t trust. Are you still suspicious?

Years ago, I was also. Let’s shake hand.


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