30 days Out-of-Comfort-Zone Challenge


Do you think some time to get rid of your boring routines and start something interesting? Doing something you always wanted to do from your core heart? Ever got time? No?…. I understand. You are like the majority of guys start planning to come out of their comfort zone and never take even a step forward toward actions.

I once took a 30-day challenge of ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’. I remember those memories as a milestone of my life and can refer to them as experience. Even in those 30 days, I passed some days where I had to think deeply what exactly do I fear about? You know what? Days passed and I really did what I had feared.

Next 30 days are going to pass even you want them to go or not. Why don’t try something completely new, completely different, whatever you always wanted to do? Think of your dreams, think what you would ever want to become. You can add something in your routine, write 500 words daily to publish a book on amazon, shoot a video daily to be published on udemy, feel the fear and do it anyway for 30 days. Love curvy buttocks? Hit hard with squats. Introvert personality? Meet strangers and talk them to completely wipe out fear. Have courage? Dare to do something different enough that society calls you mad? That’s the time.

Remember, the most important thing is to START.

Challenge yourself hard even you don’t let your body fell asleep until you complete your daily challenge? To dent in the universe, you must have to dent in your comfort zone. Hit gym, work on your biceps. Pick pen, start writing. Have camera? Shoot video daily. Enroll in MOOC, work on side business idea, make profiles on freelancing sites, get competition on 99designs, start to give presentation daily in front of friends. Ideas enough?…

I challenge you guys to accept this and write me what you think you promise with you to do some activity for 30 days. Agree in front of the community. Have a paper, written with your challenge. Paste that on a wall where you daily see that as a reminder. Have a mobile reminder daily and start to change yourself.

Should I tell you something that you will rarely listen as life advice? Your life is your PERSONAL PROJECT, NOBODY WILL WORK ON THAT. Even you can’t OUTSOURCE that.


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