Looks count…… really?

He came to get his wedding cards printed out at a nearby shop. Very well dressed, 3 pieces, looked awesome and educated. Guy (composer) that was composing his wedding card suddenly shocked when he asked the gentleman to spell his name that needs to be printed out and gentlemen said ‘I don’t know’. Composer got an initial illusion by his dressing that guy (the customer) is a gentleman.
This is how the beauty works, that allows you to enjoy respect, interest and attention from community BEFORE they know you. The majority of average looking people AND average IQ personalities seek and want to adopt this way to attract the community, get respect from others instead of working on the most necessary part, a personality without an expensive dress.
If you are the type of person seeking success, respect and charms like the dude I featured in the first paragraph. You will remain average most of your life. Don’t you see marketing guys having even much more awesome dressing than of managers and seniors in other departments?
To be honest, let me tell you, and I understand, you guys won’t easily take this part seriously. Dressing counts nothing in the path of success, freedom, happiness and what’s most important for most of the guys, wealth.
I bet a majority of those gentlemen wearing very good looking 3 pieces, branded shoes, expensive watches, shaved faces and properly cut hairs work under the guy featured with chadda and simple T-shirt. Main difference? Later one work on their minds, you have to do the same.
Let me tell you the truth which you don’t like to listen. With or without a hoodie, mark Zuckerberg still worth billions of dollars.
That should be the end of discussion.

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