DON’T reinvent the wheel.

There was a village having a very smart old guy. Every morning people in a row come to him and discussed their business ideas. Only ideas and businesses become popular to which that old guy said ‘yes’. Once a villager came in the morning, stood in the row and when his number arrived, he said to old guy ‘ I’ve come up with a brilliant idea with months of working and hard work, It is a round-shaped stuff which will make people life easy and they can travel fast’. The old guy laughed high enough and said ‘Why didn’t you research if this idea already available, go to the city and see people already using that’. Villager went back, thanked God that he didn’t work on that more and wasted his time.
That old guy name was MARKET, that idea was BUSINESS, the villager was ENTREPRENEUR.
Guys! remember two things.

1) ALWAYS RESEARCH before working on any idea either it does exist.

2) Don’t try to REINVENT the wheel.

3) Always try to find a MENTOR who did already, what are you looking to do.
Either you are a freelancer, employee, entrepreneur or some small business owner, remember the story. That will guide you in the way where you will get alone. As a designer and developer, I always try to purchase the best stuff from Envato and send to my client after a little modification. I DON’T try to reinvent the wheel and if I would, I won’t be that smart. My clients say ‘WOW’. See the reviews, I’m top UI designer with a very high number of success rate and I never learned that in any institute (I was a mathematician by passion, having no money to join universities). You can do that too.DON’T REINVENT THE WHEEL, please. Simply use best guys and best stuff available and try to put your own creative juices on top of that.
There are even smarter guys than you. They are WILLING TO BE USED as universities taught them to be. They write in their CVs ‘I want to be an EMPLOYEE in a multinational organisation…… blah blah blah…. even after doing Master of BUSINESS Administration. Use them.


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