4 Step Copywriting Process

copywriting Process by SheikhNaveed

Content Writing Process written in reaction to my passion of teaching web designing. Copywriting is very similar creative field (graphic and web designing) in which you get creative brief, research on product and target audience, inspire from many places, and make the design

I have shared this article for copywriters searching inspiration of Copywriting (content writing) Process.

1. knowing the target audience.

It’s all about target audience, prepare a creative brief (CB) or questionnaire to be filled by your client.

target categories to know by this CB will:

The product, Customers, Target market, The company

you should know everything like testimonials, purchase process, actual results, psycho-graphics and demographics profile to target audience.

your client will know about their weaknesses from your CB, also he will provide you inside of his business, copy’s main goal and objective. either this copy is to promote sales, increase awareness, evaluate competitive advantage.

2. Research

After receiving CB and other important information from your client, research on market, industry, industry trends, competitors, competitors products, their copywriting. make additional notes, copy URL’s and manage your documents for further use.

Main theme of this Copywriting Process’s second step is to gather information, results as much as possible.

3. Relevant information

Now evaluate relevant data, expand them, clarify them and discard irrelevant.

4. Organize your copy

ask your self “what the customer seeking in you copy”, is it price, difference from competitive products.

select all major points you want to convey with audience, write them, organize them with priority selection, give them proper heading, attach some success story, testimonial, any “big idea”, differential advantage under each heading. and most important give summary at end of each idea.

4.  Now the story begins….. write your copy

In light of all Copywriting Process guidelines given above, and on your selected material and structure, start writing now, write what ever comes in your mind based on research and information you have yet. (Don’t confuse …. your are getting raw material from your mind). keep attention and flow direction. give testimonials on appropriate position. emphasize key ideas.  after writing all the stuff. do these …. review….. rewrite…. edit.

at the end …motivate your audience to take action (Key goal of your copywriting).

Hurrrrahhhhh! your have completed your Copywriting task.


Michel Fortin’s Seven-Step Copywriting Process

5 step copywriting process


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  1. Waqar says:

    Knowledgeable Essay…Sheikh…

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